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Renthal Chains - R1 Works Chain (428 Pitch) - MX Works Chain

Renthal R1 Chain: Ultimate durability and performance

The Renthal R1 MX works chain is a premium high strength offroad chain with excellent impact load resistance, designed specifically to withstand the stress found in off road applications. This chain is the choice where a combination of high strength, light weight and maximum power transfer are important considerations.

Shot peened - the steel plates are shot peened to give them a high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance

Chamfered Links - The inner links are chamfered - this process helps reduce the chain of chain derailment in the toughest conditions. (excluding the 420 R1 chain)

Chromised Pins - specifically for the offroad market, the bearing pins are chromised, giving them excellent resistance to wear in the gritty conditions endured in off-road racing.

Pre-formed bushings distribute the load, resulting in greater chain life. The bushings extended to reduce friction between inner and outer link plates, maximising power output.

Special finish - the gold side plates have a corrosion resistant plating that provides it with an attractive colour to match all motorcycles.

Perfect Match - Pair with any Renthal Chainwheel (sprocket) you'll get the maximum power at the rear wheel with an extended life for both chain and chainwheels.

Each chain includes a masterlink and a pair of latex gloves for mess free installation.

Average tensile strength for the 428 pitch chain is 4609 lbf

The 428 chain is suitable for:

Part #DescriptionIn StockPriceFind dealer Order
RE-C272RENTHAL CHAIN R1 428-130L No $99.95 Find dealer Request more info Enquire
RE-C253RENTHAL CH LINK R1 428 No $5.95 Find dealer Request more info Enquire