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Interphone Cellularline

Cellular Italia was founded in 1990 as a distributor for the first mobile phones.

In the first few years, the low battery autonomy of E-TACS phones led Cellular Italia to produce its first accessory, the car charger, and to launch the Cellular Line® brand.

Soon after, thanks to the success of the initiative, Cellular Italia S.p.A. began the steady production of accessories, abandoning the distribution of phones and consolidated its leadership in Italy as well as starting to export its products.

Since 2005 Cellular Italia has been a multi-brand group; its brands, Cellular Line®, CellUp®, Sycell®, MP3 Zone® and DigicamOn® allow the company to effectively diversify its leadership also through new distribution channels and towards new sectors including digital photography and portable digital music.

Cellular Italia is distributed in more than 60 countries, is leader in Italy and in Europe with the Cellular line® brand, and is one of the very few successfully active businesses in the continent. Cellular Italia has international branches in France, Switzerland and Spain.