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THH Helmets

Tong Ho Hsing(THH Helmet Company) is a Taiwanese owned and operated company, which was established in 1974. The company quickly grew in size and reputation because of it's absolute dedication to high quality in manufacturing, high performance of it's product, high value, execellent delivery, and because we constantly strived to surprise and delight our customers by exceeding their expectations. Today, THH employs more than 500 highly skilled and experienced associates, and produces well in excess of 60,000 helmets per month; and we are continuing to invest to increase this capacity and capabilities even further.

The company's dedication to the highest quality standards was rewarded by the attainment of the ISO 9001:2000 AS(Australian standard), the ECE 22/05, snell, and SG(Japanese)certifications. All of which could not have been achieved without the absolute strict control of State of the Art manufacturing facilities. And is a testimony to the high level of investment and reinvestment which the company makes each years to maintain these World Class standards. There are no other companies in Taiwan which can match the quality and dedication of THH, and indeed few anywhere in the world that reach this level of competency.

Our products are designed using the latest 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis(FEA) to insure that we are producing products which exceed the needs of each of our customer's requirements. The products are then manufactured using the latest CNC equipment sourced from around the world including Germany, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Taiwan; as we search the world for the best equipment for each job. The product is manufactured to the highest international quality standards and process contorls, insuring consistent quality over time. Once manufactured, the products are rigorously tested. Again using the besy machinery, equipment, and computer systems sourced from around the world. This enable us to meet and exceed the standards set by each market and customer; achieving certification from SG, AS, Snell, ECE, CE, CPSC, and DOT.

Today, the majority of our products are made from PC and ABS(some 900,000 units); but we are also capable of making helmets from the highest technology materials like Carbon Fiber Kevlar. This material requires the highest tech machinery for layout and manufacture. This level of technology enables us to manufacture helmets of an exceedingly light weight structure, but with enormous strength. Our CFK helmets nomally have a shell thickness of 1.8mm, and pass the most stringent Snell 2000 standards. With all our processes and materials, we are sure that we can manufacture helmets to meet the quality needs and price points of any customer. Today, our major markets are Japan and Asia, United states, Europe, Australia, and Latin America, and this diversity of supply also assists us in keeping ahead of all standards, codes, certifications, materials, and market styles and needs. All of this has enabled us to have consistenly satisfied customers, and a consistently growing share of the Global Helmet Market; and stable growth as a company for over three decades. And our long term pans and investments insure that we will be a leader in this market for many more decades to come