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Michelin motorcycle tyres

For every kind of riding, for every surface, Michelin offers a specific tyre, whether to push the limit on a track or to connect the turns on a sinuous mountain road. No matter the brand of bike, the type of engine (two- or four-stroke), or the rider, Michelin has always risen to the challenge, with an unmatched string of World Championships.

For motocross, trials, enduro or rally, in any conditions, Michelin builds world-class tyres. On rutted MX tracks, over sandy deserts, in dense bush or on any of the varied terrain that dirt riders and racers enjoy, the Michelin off-road range has a tyre for you.

For a tyre manufacturer, nothing matches the challenges presented by MotoGP racing: top speeds over 340 km/h, more than 240 horsepower, bikes that weigh less than 145 kilos, connected to the track through only a few square centimeters of rubber. The benefits for everyday riders are better performance, safety, and riding enjoyment while maximizing lean angle, control and grip