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DRC Fuel Hose - range of sizes (with clips)
Keihin Needle Valves
Keihin 7 Clip Position Jet Needles for CR35-39mm CR Special Carbs
Keihin 7 Clip Position Jet Needles for CR26-33mm CR Special Carbs
Keihin PE, PJ, PWK and PWM Carburettor Jet Needles
Mikuni Needle Valve Assemblies
Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flanges
Watercraft Keihin Carb Rebuild Kit - CDK38-42
Keihin CR Special Carburetor Replacement parts
Mikuni Needle Jet and Needle Seat Info
Mikuni BN Carburetor Parts
Mikuni Fuel Pumps, DF Pump Rebuild Kits and Primer Kits
Keihin Slow Jet N424-35 For Watercraft
Keihin Main Jet N424-36 For Watercraft
Keihin Main Jet 99101-393
Keihin Main Jet 99101-357
Keihin Pilot Jet N424-26
Keihin Pilot Jet N424-25
Keihin Pilot Jet N424-24
Keihin Pilot Jet N424-22
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